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Providing Everything You Need


At Cornerstone Emergency Equipment, we understand that the cost of new equipment can be a burden. That's why we offer a cost-effective solution to upgrade and upfit your current vehicles to meet the latest industry standards. Our team of experts can help customize your vehicle with new consoles, slide outs, radios, graphics, and lighting upgrades. Don't let budget constraints hold you back from having updated emergency vehicles. Let us help you save money while providing you with the necessary tools to do your job.


Welcome to Cornerstone Emergency Equipment, your go-to source for emergency vehicle upfitting. Our experienced team of professionals is passionate about providing the highest level of service to every customer. We understand the critical role that emergency vehicles play in saving lives and protecting communities, and we are committed to ensuring that every vehicle we work on meets the highest standards of safety and reliability. With hundreds of satisfied customers and a commitment to excellence, you can trust Cornerstone Emergency Equipment for all your emergency upfitting needs.

Mobile Installation

We know that an emergency vehicle that is out of service can be costly for your organization. That's why we offer on-site services that minimize downtime. Our technicians are equipped to handle most emergency upfitting services right at your station, saving you the hassle of transporting your vehicles to our shop. Additionally, our team is friendly and professional, ensuring that you are satisfied with our services every step of the way.


24 Hour Emergency Service

At Cornerstone Emergency Equipment, we understand the importance of having reliable emergency equipment when you need it most. That's why we offer 24-hour emergency services to help you get back on the road ASAP. Even if you're not currently under contract with us, you can count on our highly trained technicians to quickly diagnose and repair your equipment. We keep a variety of common parts on hand to ensure we can get you back in service as quickly as possible.


We know that when it comes to emergency vehicles, every second counts. That's why we're committed to making the upfitting process as quick and easy as possible. Once you've decided on the specifications for your vehicle, just finalize and sign with us. We'll take care of the rest, from coordinating with the dealership to financing through dealer programs. With Cornerstone Emergency Equipment, you can trust that you're getting a high-quality, reliable upfitting solution that won't compromise the safety of your team.

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